BAF 2021

BAF took place during the 17th-19th of November 2021, online via Zoom and we had the honour to showcase seven exceptional projects. The Pitching Forum started with a greeting by Dimitris Savvaidis, who also gave the participants some tips on pitching. After that there was some time for networking and after a short break, Elina Roinioti delivered a private seminar for BAF's participants on how to organize a successful kickstarter campaign. The jury members were Debra Wootton, Glen Beaudin, Teddy Grouya and Federico Vallarino.


Dafni Xourafi // project title "Fishbowl(s)"

Dimitar Petrov - ZMEI studios // project title "Mila & Marko"

Mikaela Kakaridi Deligianni & Alex Tagali // project title "My superhero husband"

Zacharias Mavroeidis // project title "NINE LIVES LEFT"

Νικολέτα Χουχούλη // project title "THE DEATH OF THE LUSTFUL PAOLO AND FRANCESCA"

Maša Udovičić & Matija Pisačić - LUMA films // project title "THE BIG PICTURE"

Veljko Popovic  PRIME RENDER STUDIOS // project title " DREAMWORLD"


“Fishbowl(s)” - Dafni Xourafi

1ο βραβείο

”Mila &Marko” - Dimitar Petrov - ZMEI studios

2ο βραβείο

“My superhero husband” - Mikaela Kakaridi Deligianni & Alex Tagali

3ο βραβείo
On the 18th of November the pitches took place and on the 19th the winners were announced. In collaboration with Toom Boom and EKOME (National Centre of Audiovisual Media and Communication) BAF gave away prizes with a total value of over 4000€.

The first prize went to “Fishbowl” by Daphne Xourafi, who won a cash prize of 1000€, as well as free licensing for Harmony Premium for a 6 month period.

Second prize went to “Mila and Marko” by Dimitar Petrov and ZMEI studios, who won a cash prize of 500€, as well as free licensing for Harmony Advanced and Storyboard Pro for a 6 month period.

Third prize went to “My Superhero Husband”, who won free licensing for Harmony Essentials and Storyboard Pro for a 6 month period.
Without a doubt, the 2nd BAF shone even brighter, as “My Superhero Husband” caught the eye of G. Beaudin, American producer who lives and works in Germany and was part of BAF’s jury.

Mr. Beaudin partnered with Funny Tales and together they led the project to ANNECY, one of the biggest animation festivals worldwide.

My Superhero Husband won the Disney+ award for best pitch, which will help the project to work its way towards big international networks.