Our Mission

The Thessaloniki Animation Festival (TAF), Thessaloniki International Animation Festival, was organised for the first time in 2015, by Addart. It is the only festival of its kind in the territory of North Greece which engages with a plethora of subjects in the light of concretion of the education, culture, and the art of animation.ΤΑF follows a successful course of 8 consecutive years, in which it has presented to its viewers projects of artists from all over the world, in association with the Municipality of Thessaloniki, the departments of Tourism development and International Relations, the department of Culture and the network of organisations Select Respect. 

Over the years, we had the honour to have prominent artists as guests, like Rony Oren, Tim Allen, Alejandro Jiménez Asuero and Yiannis Zouganelis. Even with all these people, it wasn't enough for us to share only knowledge, through the multiple masterclasses, we also wanted to strengthen the agora and help artists to get to know the industry of animation and find opportunities, creating collaborative bridges between the balkan countries, so much so for the studios, as for the artists themselves. So, in 2020, the first Balkan Animation Forum (BAF) was added in the TAF programme (which included masterclasses, speeches, and screenings, as well as the competitive department with thousands of applicants from Greece and abroad).

Our goal is for artists to get in touch with fresh projects and prestigious professionals, so they can better understand the international animation industry. Most of all, the ideal we advocate for annually is accessibility and non-exclusion. The screenings, the workshops and every kind of activity that occurs during the festival, has free entry for all, as there is also access for people with limited mobility. For this reason, every year events are organised at different dates, aside from the festivals, so more people can participate. In the 8 years of operation, the festival was attended by 49.000 viewers and participants. The TAF team continues to work with passion, so we can create an even bigger, even more entertaining Thessaloniki Animation Festival.