14 - 24 OCTOBER // online

MA in Arts - culture studies (University of Wroclaw), MSci in Cultural diplomacy (Jagiellonian University in Krakow), MSci in cultural management, project coordination, fundraising and entrepreneurship (Lower Silesian University of Public Administration), graduated from musicology (University of Wrocław) and the Wrocław School of Jazz. Professional jazz musician and producer. Published several own recordings, including with own ethno-jazz quartet Ansambl Peregrinus. He has composed music for many theatrical performances, music for short films and documentaries. He has completed a course in creativity and musical innovation at (Stanford University in California). Qualified moderator (Polish-American Freedom Foundation) and consultant of the Polish National Cultural Center. Expert on territorial development and networking. Researcher in the field of culture, international cooperation. Experienced field worker in urban and rural communities with 22+ years of experience in the NGO sector, 13+ years of experience in public culture institutions, 8+ years running freelance self-made company “MICRO ART CENTER”. Consultant for national and EU cultural policies. Coordinator in the Cultural Division, City of Wrocław (ECoC 2016). Vice President and Board Member of the European Network of Cultural Centres ENCC in Brussels. Coordinator of the ENCC International Working Group on Territorial Development, gathering experts, animators and policy makers. 

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