Violette Delvoye

Originally from Belgium, Violette Delvoye grows up in France, where she starts studying in 2009 at l’école Estienne in Paris. The next year, she begins animation studies in l’ESAAT, Roubaix, where she graduates in 2012. Then, she spends one year in Erasmus in Norway at the Volda University College. In 2013, she returns to Belgium to enter la Cambre in third year, and makes her short film “I’m Afraid I Forgot How to Remember You”, the music video for a song by Sigur Rós “Hjartað Hamast (Bamm Bamm Bamm)”, and her graduation movie “Projection on Sofa”.
Chloé and Violette meet in La Cambre and start working on each other’s project in school. And after graduating, they build together the project “World in (Stop)Motion”, a participative animated series made all around Europe.
Back to Brussels after their trip, they are now working together on a new short film.