TAF 2015 - Remember what happened

TAF Awarded Films 2015

1st Place

Amir & Amira

by Martial André, Sara Ayoub, Benjamin Condy, Ariane Dedulle, Cécilia Maturi & Tatiana Tchoumakova

2nd Place

Ideas are that Grand / Así de grandes son las ideas

by Quique Rivera

3rd Place

The Dirdy Birdy Redux

by John R. Dilworth


The Gingerbread Case

by Pavel Jindra

Honored Guest

Rony Oren

Rony Oren was born in Israel in 1953. He is an animator and responsible for the department of Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design of Jerusalem. He is Globaly known for his short animation films, based on clay and the technique of stop-motion (clay-animation). As well as for his 30 books for children and young people, which he illustrates and have written the texts to many of them. In the studio “Frame by Frame" founded in 1978, he has directed and “animate" over 500 short animation films and television series by clayground method. Some of his films have received international awards.

He has also won the Gutman Nachum prize for book illustration. His animation short films have been selected by the Museum of Broadcasting in New York and Los Angeles.

He has produced the following television series: The Egg (25x25sec), Foxy Fables (13×7), Tales of a Wise King (26×6) and Grabbit the Rabbit (13×7), that have been transmitted in more than 80 countries and several television networks, including Channel One, IETV, and more. As a director and animator, with a team of three partners, created in 2009 thirteen four-minute episodes of the series ClayPlay. Rony Oren has produced more than 30 books under the general title: Secrets of plasticine, circulating in Israel, Britain, France, Germany, Russia, Denmark, Italy, Greece and the United States. The “Agkada", the main Jewish religious book, illustrated by Rony Oren 21 years ago, entitled “Animated Haggadah», is still for sale widely around the world. Among the many television ads that he has produced, particularly successful is the one for the Bezeq Beinleumi, starring a talking parrot and the one for Tene Noga with the talking cows from plasticine that steal the show. Rony Oren has produced over 85 short animation films for the series “Rechov Sumsum" and “Sesame Shalom", the Israeli version of «Sesame Street».