He is from Mykonos and Naxos. In pre-school age, he learnt Byzantine music in Aghios Nikolaos of Acharnon with the sacred teacher Th. Theodorakopoulos. At the Greek Conservatory, he studied guitar with professors H. Emekmetoglou and Kostas Triandos and theory with Antiochus Evangelatos. He continued with the National Conservatory of Athens with harmony, superior theorems and piano under the direction of Patrikidis and Vokos. The composer Nikos Mamagakis played a decisive role in the evolution of his musical studies, teaching him orchestration and rhythmology. Along with music studies, he studied at the Architectural School of the National Technical University of Athens.

In 1975, with a scholarship from the Ministry of Culture (for his work “Ten Byzantine Essays”, a small symphonic ensemble and a mixed chorus), he studied composition, orchestration and opera at the Munich Academy of Arts, from which he graduated with excellence.

He worked for ERT by writing radio music and television plays. His record activity began at the age of fifteen years with the “Sons of Lord your People,” from LYRA by A. Patsifas. From the early years of his career he collaborated in live appearances with the songwriters Thanasis Gaifillias and Nikolaos Aimos.

To date, seventy-five of his works have been published. He is one of the few Greek composers of orchestral music whose works have been released around the world. In particular, “Wherever I Travel Greece hurts me” (1980) by SONET MUSIC and CBS, “Atherides” (1978) by Deutsche Grammophon in Anglo-Saxon countries. CDs are being circulated around the world by VENOL.

He has written music for several television series: “Big Revolution”, “Notary”, “Argo”, “For Honor and Money”, “Lavreotiki”, “Astrofengia”, “Our Lady”, “On the edge of the razor” and his own TV programs. He also wrote ballet music, collaborating with G. Metsis, Lia Meletopoulou, the Experimental Ballet of Piraeus and with the choreographers: G. Flery, V. Sylinos, L. Dodian, C. Mantafouni, A. Hatzi, Kon. Psareli, E. Palli, A. Georgiou, D. Papazoglou, F. Evangelinos.

He has collaborated with several theaters: D. Potamitis at the “Theater of Research” Karezis – K. Kazakou, M. Katraki, K. Voutsa, Th. Vengou, Eug. Spathar, with the “Experimental Theater” of the Municipality of Triviza, with the State Theater of Northern Greece, the “Modern Time” theater, the “Theater 81”, “Theater of the Day, Theatrical Snakes” Stage “, with the” Peloponnesian and Dodecanese Theater “, at” DIPETHE “of Veria, Lamia, Ioannina, Kozani and others.

He has written music for more than a hundred plays, both ancient Greek and contemporary. Among these are works by Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides, Aristophanes, Menandrou, Terentiou, Shakespeare, Moliere, Loppe de Vega, Lorca, T. Williams, Brecht, G. Skourti, M. Tsikliropoulos, M. Efthymiadis, Selected, Bost, Κ.Χ. Myri, G. Xanthouli, S. Fasouli, K. Dima, A. Thomopoulos.

He has written music for numerous films. His works were nominated for the 1996 Nobel Prize.

He taught music, with the emphasis on the release of expressive media and the philosophy of sounds and music, at the dramatic drama schools of Agia Varvara, as well as in IASO.

He is a member of the Society of Greek Theatrical Writers, of EMME (Union of Music Composers and Songwriters of Greece and of the Association of Greek Actors).

In 2002, he won the D. SHARP Award for 500,000 sales that surpassed all of his works worldwide.

In 2014-15 he taught at the Drama School of the National Theater.

In 2016, he was appointed regular professor at the Munich Academy.

He has toured in Greece and abroad, with concerts and theatrical performances.

He starred in the ancient theater of Epidaurus as well as in other ancient theaters of Greece with the “Hippies” – “Vatrachos” – “Ecclesiastes” by Aristophanes.