Chloé Alliez

Chloé Alliez, born in France in 1988, goes to Brussels to study in Saint-Luc, where she graduates with a bachelor’s degree in illustration. In 2011 she starts studying animation in La Cambre. She does an Erasmus at the University South of Wales and receives a master’s degree in 2015 with four stop-motion movies: “The Stain”, “Oh My Dog!”, “For Fork’s Sake”, and “All Their Shades”. She uses recycled objects for the making of her short films and illustrations.
Chloé and Violette meet in La Cambre and start working on each other’s project in school. And after graduating, they build together the project “World in (Stop)Motion”, a participative animated series made all around Europe.
Back to Brussels after their trip, they are now working together on a new short film.