Brian C. Morris

Brian C. Morris is a 2d and 3d Artist/Animator and game designer with experience in the
industry, which includes working as animator and 3d artist in the core design teams at Midway Games and William Bally Pinball of Chicago, Illinois. He has a Bachelor of Fine Art degree in Painting from The School of The Art Institute of Chicago and a Masters in Digital Arts from The University of Arts London (Camberwell). His professional background in fine arts includes exhibitions in major galleries and mural work in the USA.
Currently, Brian teaches game design and animation at ACT – The American College of Thessaloniki and AAS College – School of Art and Design, as course leader of animation. He continues to do freelance work for multiple clients in the US , Europe, and Asia in the areas of 2d and 3d animation, 3d Modeling, Character Design, and Game Design.

Early Animation and Animation Devices